JReceiver: Rio Troubleshooting

Describing symptoms and diagnostic steps you can follow to get things working.

You may also want to check out server-trouble.

Rio not booting? - Try setting the IP of the "Rio Music Server Host"

In settings, set the "Rio Music Server Host" to the IP of the server hosting the jrec_rio.war webapp.

In some systems, especially those with multiple network interfaces, the default interface selected by Java isn't necessarily the one that is visible to the Rio. Resolve this by entering the IP which is visible to the Rio.

Rio not booting - Security? (new)

In alpha release 0.2.2 a number of security features were added. One of those was to restrict the IP of the users of the unsecured Rio http interface.

By default this restriction includes two popular internal subnets:

  192.168.xxx.xxx  and 10.xxx.xxx.xxx
If your Rio is using an IP not in this range, visit the Rio settings and set the "Hosts to Allow Access" option.

Rio not booting - Is the server running?

Can you scan for files, play mp3s and playlist through the Manager webapp? If not, revisit your server install until you can. Trust us that your life will be much less frustrating if you do that first.

Rio not booting - LOCALHOST not resolving?

Modify the jreceiver.properties file and replace localhost with the IP of the host on which the webapp exists.

Rio not booting - Connectivity?

Make sure the Rio's ethernet cable is plugged into your hub or switch. Note that the Rio is a 10Mbps device -- your hub/switch should be capable of supporting 10Mbps connections.

Rio not booting - Is DHCP working?

Make sure the daemon is alive. In Linux try:
  ps aux | grep dhcpd

Check your configuration as stated in the install docs.

Try pinging the Rio:

  ping RIOIP

where RIOIP is the fixed IP you've assigned to your Rio.

Rio not booting - Is NFS working?

Try a test mount, preferably from another system. Under Linux...

    mkdir /rio_temp
    mount -t nfs HOSTNAME:/tftpboot/RIOIP /rio_temp

where HOSTNAME is the server hosting the receiver.arf NFS share and RIOIP is the fixed IP address you've assigned to your Rio.

Examine the /var/log/syslog and look for denied connections.

The SYSLOG says it's mounting, but still it's not booting

Are permissions set correctly?

Make certain you've added read permissions to /tftpboot
    chmod -R u+r,o+r /tftpboot

Is Jetty working?

Try browsing to

where HOSTNAME is the server hosting Jetty and the jrec_rio.war webapp.

Restart Jetty if necessary. Under Linux...

  $JREC_HOME/bin/jrec_jetty.sh restart

Still not working?

Try examining debug messages in the servlet log.

See Enabling Debugging in the JRec FAQ.

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