JReceiver: Server FAQ

A list of questions giving more background on JReceiver, its core services and its clients.

If you're trying to resolve a problem, be sure to check out the troubleshooting page.

How are configuration files found?

There is now only one configuration file:
  %JREC_HOME%\etc\jreceiver.properties         (windows)
  $JREC_HOME/etc/jreceiver.properties          (linux)

Note that if you have JRec webapps/drivers distributed amongst two or more machines, then each will have its own instance of the servlet container running, its own jreceiver directory and its own jreceiver.properties file.

How do I use debugging in JRec?

You can use any debugging framework (Log4J, JDK 1.4, LogKit, etc.) that supports the Jakarta Commons Logging Component. See here for more info. By default the included SimpleLog logger is used.

To configure Commons Logging for JReceiver, modify the $JREC_HOME/etc/commons-logging.properties file.


Note that the Jetty logging may be distinct and separate from JReceiver logging.

You can find the Jetty logs in $JETTY_HOME/logs. In Linux you can view all Jetty logging activity with

    tail -f $JETTY_HOME/logs/*


SimpleLog is a logging component included in the Commons Logging distribution. It is used by default in JReceiver.

To configure SimpleLog for JReceiver, modify the $JREC_HOME/etc/simplelog.properties file.

To disable SimpleLog output, comment (or delete) the line in jrec_jetty.sh (or jrec_jetty.bat if you use Windows) that sets the simplelog.configuration property.

For more details on configuring and using SimpleLog, see here.


This is the preferred logger if you need fine-grained control, such as for development or diagnostics.

Download log4j.jar and copy to $JETTY_HOME/ext.

In $JREC_HOME/etc/commons-logging.properties comment out the SimpleLog line and uncomment the Log4JCategoryLog line.

In $JREC_HOME/bin/jrec_jetty.sh (or jrec_jetty.bat if you use Windows) comment out the simplelog.configuration line and uncomment the log4j.configuration line.

The Log4J configuration can be modified in $JREC_HOME/etc/log4j.configuration.

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